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    Our mission : The supply of reliable and timely deliveries of  the wide range of peroxide products to any point of Russia and CIS countries. Scientific and technical support , maintenance of supplies. Creation of the most favourable terms for long-time and stable collaboration with our parthers and realization of creative potentials of employees.

    Our philosophy: Our purposes - knowledge, creation and all-round continuing development.

    Lega Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Dzerzhinsk Nizhny Novgorod region. Now our company has own scientific and production basis where the technologies were devised and also the production, purification, storage and packing are there.

    The main directions of Lega are the sale of all grades of hydrogen peroxide adapted to the requests of each client and the production of purified grades of hydrogen peroxide for electronic, medical, food and cosmetic industries.

    Today Lega Ltd. is the official distributer of Kemira (Finland) in Russia and CIS countries. According to the agreement with Kemira the aseptic grades of hydrogen peroxide PUROXID Aseptic and PUROXID Aseptic S are produced.

    Lega Ltd. is introduced into the list of the potential supplers of hydrogen peroxide according to Tetrapak specification.

    Akzo Nobel (Sweden), Solvay (Belgium) are our partners of many years. There are more 500 large and small enterprises in Russia and CIS countries in the list of  our clients . 

    The proposed by Lega products are used widely in oil extraction and petrochemistry, mining industry and gold, uranium, cobalt extraction, pulp and paper and light industries for bleaching of pulp and various fabrics, in chemical industry on different stages of organic synthesis, in electronic industry, and also in medicine, food industry and agriculture as powerful antiseptic and disinfectant.

    All range of porposed production is always on the warehouse in amount not less 1500 tons. Render a service in the field of the making of storehouses, the selection and passivation of equipment.

    All goods are dispatched in 10, 16, 22, 30 litres canisters with flatus valve, 1000 litres IBC containers and 25 ton tank-containers.

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